World Societies

Term Definition
History Recorded interpretation of the past
culture language belief, values. Behavior and materials objects passed from generation to generation
society group of people who share a territory and culture
cultural purism belief that there's more than one culture
hernan cortes conquer of Mexico, no military experience wanted to retrieve men
Henry vii 7 defeated the last nobleman in England and decapitated them. he was a king
Ivan iv 4 centralize Russiaascended his throne at 3he was terriblehated the boyars because he believed they killed his mom
Christianity 1st group to systematize liberalism. history of god acting in time d
classical liberalism believe in individual freedom
the reformation martin Luther wrote the 95 theses challenging roman catholic church
mayas inhabited south Mexico and Guatemala
government group in power
citizenship person has a political state in society
Charles V 5 emperor of the holy roman empire
boyars the highest ranking members of the Russian nobility
constitutionalism form of govt in which power is limited by law and balance between authority and power of govt
stewarts they believed in absolutism and tried to strife constitutionalism
legaspi first European to reach to the Philippines. founded the city of Manila. Offered to work with Muslims if they converted to Roman Catholic.
institutions formal ways of meeting societal needs.
state it has border, laws and state. May have nationality. ex U.S
Marxism Begun by Karl Marx, related to communism. Scientific communism took place during his time because Marx discovered laws with how societies rose.
heresy false preaching of a doctrine
Urdaneta founder of the path to cut 13 months to travel from Acapulco to the Philippines

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