Term Definition
health the state of being free from illness or injury.
wellness the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.
lifestyle factors the modifiable habits and ways of life that can greatly influence overall health and well-being, including fertility.
risk factors any attribute, characteristic or exposure of an individual that increases the likelihood of developing a disease or injury.
prevention the action of stopping something from happening or arising.
heredity the passing on of physical or mental characteristics genetically from one generation to another.
environment the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.
peers a person of the same age, status, or ability as another specified person.
culture the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
values the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something."your support is of great value"
abstinence the fact or practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something, typically alcohol.
cumulative risks Cumulative risk is formally defined as the combination of risks posed by aggregate exposure to multiple agents or stressors in which aggregate exposure is exposure by all routes and pathways and from all sources of each given agent or stressor.
goals the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

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