Unit 3 AfricanEmpire

Question Answer
What Are The Empires Of West Africa? Songhai/Asante
what was one empire of southern africa? The Zulu
what was one empire in central africa? The Kongo
What was one empire in east africa Ethiopia
Which two african empires became christian strongholds? Ethiopia and the Kongo
The leaders of which african empire converted to islam The Songhai
Which 2 empires stayed true to their indigenous belief system The Asante and the zulu
Which river served as a conduit for trade and travle for the songhai the niger
Which river served as a conduit for trade for the Kongo The Congo
Which African empires suffered from religious warfare ethiopia and songhai
what form of government did all the african empires have Monarchy
What form of trade route was used by the Songhai and Asante Trans-saharan
What was the name of the area at the southern tip of africa The cape of good hope
what is the name of the area of east africa the juts into the red sea The African Horn
what 'good' was traded by the songhai and asante and the kongo slaves
what good was traded by ethiopia and the kongo ivory
which empire was able to produce objects from metal the kongo
In what ways did the kongo excel at cultural expression art made of wood textiles and terra cotta
due to their isolation the primary economic activities of the zulu was? agriculture and raising livestock
what missionaries were most responsible for the conversion of some empires to Christianity? the jesuits
what did all slave trading empires have in common geographically? bordered the atlantic

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