Theology Ch. 5 Theology ch. 5 11/16/17

Question Answer
protoevangelium First gospel the message of good news in Gen. 3:15
Samuel Last judge who anointed King Saul
Ezra priest who led the returned exiles in jerusalem
Jerusalem A canaanite city conquered by David, capital of Isreal
David second King of Isreal
Joseph Jacob's favorite son, brothers sold him as a slave
Abraham Descendant of Shem and founder of the Hebrew nation, father of faith
Temple The place where God dwelt in Jerusalem
Canaan The promise land, modern day Isreal
Cyrus the great Persian King who allowed Jews to return to Jerusalem
Passover Jewish feast commemorating the deliverance of first-born from death in Egypt
Ark of the Covenant Ornate box that represented the throne of God
solomon son of David who was famous for his wisdom
exile forced removal from one's land, the time people of Judah spent in Babylon
Israel God's chosen people, named after Jacob
Patriarch Fathers of Israel, Abraham and his descendants
messiah Hebrew for anointed
levites The priests of Isreal
Babylon Imperial city that destroyed Judah
Gentile A non-Jewish person
Maccabees Leaders of the Jewish revolt against Antiochus the Greek
Aaron Brother of Moses, first priest of Isreal
Alexander 4th century BC Greek conqueror who spread Hellenism
Assyria Ruthless empire that destroyed Isreal and scattered it's people

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