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What are the 4 main stages of the cell cycle ? Gap 1 , Synthesis , Gap 2 , mitosis
Why is cell size limited ? If the cell is too small it won't contain all necessary organelles and molecules . If it gets too big it'll cause surface area too small for adequate exchange of materials.
Why are your cells divided at different rates ? Divided to link to your body's needs fro cells.
Why do some cells have to be large ? The structure gives the neuron large surface area with relatively small increase in volume.
What is a chromosome ? It's a long continuous thread of DNA consists of numerous genes along with regulatory information.
Why do chromosomes condense at the start of mitosis ? To carry out its necessary functions.
What's a histones function ? DNA wraps around ti at regular intervals to interact with each other , further compacting the DNA.
What does the mitosis cell do ? Divides cells nucleus into two genetically identical nuclei , which forms eggs and sperm that prepares them for cytokinesis.
What does the interphase cell do ? It provides critical time and it becomes larger to divide.
What is cytokinesis ? Divides cytoplasm into two cells which differs in animal and plant cells.
What is prophase ? The nuclear envelope breaks down. the nucleolus disappears , and the centrosomes centrioles migrate to opposie sides.
How many stages does the cell cycle have ? The cell cycle has 9 stages .
What is telophase ? A complete set of identical chromosome positioned at each pole of cell.
Why do spindle fibers attach to a protein structure in metaphase? To align the chromosomes along the cell equator , around the middle of the cell.
What happens during anaphase ? Sister chromatids separate from each other.

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