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Term Definition
Columbian Exchange The widespread transfer of animals, plants,culture,human populations,technology, and idea between the American (New world) and Afro-Eurasia hemisphere (Old World)
Positive thing about Columbian Exchange Cattle and horses changed the way Native Americans hunted, Economic activity was great for both sides, population due to surplus of food, and European contributed to the development of Plantations
Negative thing about Columbian Exchange Diease spread affecting the Native Americans population, new weapon of warfare invented, high mortality rates, and Americans were exploited and used as slave labor
Middle passage African American slaves in Africa that are being transport to North America
What was the condition of Middle passage Death and starvation from slaves and crowed, filthy, and cramped quarters on the ship
Triangluar trade (Slavs trade) and Atlantic Ocean A trade route in Europe, Africa , and The American continent because slaves were needed for cheap labor to work on the plantation in the Americas
Who was involved in the Triangular trade (slave trade) and Atlantic Ocean Europe, Africa, and American continent
What was the Exchange of the Triangular trade Europe to Africa: Manufacture good (Iron bars, guns, glass, glass bonds,and cotton gin. Africa to American continent: Middle Passage(slaves). American continent to Europe: Raw Materials (ram, cotton, tobacco, and sugar)
Regime A government in power
Mercantilism Prosperity of a nation depends on a large supply of gold/silver
Cultures The customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious or social group
Exports To send a product/service for sale to another country
Tariffs (Taxes) that keep balance of trade favorable on imports
Subsidies Payments made to support enterprise a government thinks are beneficial
William Wilberforce Man who feel responsible for being part of the Parliament of the Slave trade
Colonization (Taking over surrounding territories) led to encomienda
Encomienda The right to use Native Americans as laborers on plantation
Monopoly (Total control of an industry) what the East Indian Trading company establish
Cotton gin Invention the led to high demand for slave
Potato Food that prove vital to increase population of Europe. Produced more food per acre; gave people much of the nutrition needed
Balance of Trade Having an increase of exports(sending out) and less import (taking in)
Christopher Columbus Spanish explore who fund a new trade out to America
Atlantic slave trade effect 16 million African lost, Several individual societies devastated, Labor diverted from from Africa, Sex ratio distort distorted, Europeans introduced firearms , Sex ratio distal distorted, Europeans introduced firearms as trade,And firearms encourage som
What was the first country to have a slave trade Portugal
What were slaves considered as Cargo
A direct result of European countries expanding in the America’s was an increase in The slave trade from West Africa
One effect of the slave trade on Africa societies was Decrease population in some areas
Which of the following is an example of the Columbian Exchange Tho offer of grapes from Europe to the Americas
What happen when slaves were brought to America They were place in auction
Which of the following explains why the encomienda system was a failure Native Americans were often abused and not protected
What was an economic result of the Columbian Exchange Established of a feudal land system in Europe

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