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Battle of Trafalgar Horatio NelsonBritish victory that broke French naval power
Confederation of Rhine Tries to reorganize Germany (15 states)
Napoleon's Grand Empire 1. Ever-expanding France2. Consisted of a number of dependent satellite kingdoms3. Comprised the independent, but allied states of Austria, Russia, and Prussia
Continental System A blockade imposed by Napoleon to halt all trade between continental Europe and Britain, thereby weakening the British economy and militaryNo British ships could dock at a French port
Treaty of Chaumont Russia, Great Britain, Austria, and Prussia (the four powers) pledged allegiance to defeat the French emperor
Battle of Waterloo Napoleon defeated
Congress of Vienna A meeting of quadruple alliance (Russia, Prussia, Austria, & Great Britain) restoration of France and smaller European states to fashion a general peace settlement after the defeat of Napoleon
Leaders at Congress of Vienna Austrian diplomat Klemens von Metternich-> wanted to check RussiaRussian tsar Alexander 1-> people afraid he'd do same as Napoleon
19th century ideologies 1. Conservatism2. Liberalism3. Socialism4. Nationalism
Conservatism -monarchy guaranteed political stability-change had to be slow- strengthen structures of authority -emphasis on history
Liberalism -commitment to individual liberties or rights-equality before the law-gov needed to be based on political rights and consent of the gov-economic liberty-strong belief in individual right-opposed hereditary monarchy-advocated direct rep in gov
Adam Smith "The Wealth of Nations"Economy should be based on a system of natural libertyLaissez-faire
Jeremy Bentham UtilitarianismThe greatest happiness of the greatest number
Socialism Emphasis on equalityCommitment to reason and human progress- industrial and humane worldWant utopian societies
Marxism Karl MarxFriederich EngelsThe Communist Manifesto
The communist manifesto All history is the struggle of the classesBourgeois-> rich/employerProletariat-> working class (employee)
Nationalism Questions over meaningMeaning of nation has changed overtimeCould undermine liberal values

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