miguel 1.05

Question Answer
columns Vertical blocks of text in which text flows from the bottomof one column to the top of the next
hyphenation A dash that is used to join words and separate syllables of asingle word; by default, hyphenation is turned off in Wordso that words appear on a single line
landscape orientation A format commonly used for brochures, graphics, tablesand so on that orients text across the longer dimension ofthe page
margins The blank borders that occupy the top, bottom, and sides ofa document
non-breaking spaces A tool used to keep selected text on a single line
orphan The first line of a paragraph that appears alone at thebottom of a page.
page break The location in a document where one page ends and a newpage begins.
portrait orientation A format commonly used for business documents in whichtext extends across the shorter length of the document.
section break A tool used to create layout or formatting changes in aportion of a document
widow The last line of a paragraph appears at the top of a page

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