English vocab 3

Question Answer
Universal truth; an established rule Syn: fundamental Ant: absurdity Axiom
In a condescending manner, with an attitude of superiority Syn: lofty, arrogant Ant: humble, friendly Patronizing
An artist or a designers workshop Atelier
One who bares the blame for others Syn: pasty; sucker Scapegoat
To waver,to sway Indecisevely Syn: fluctuate, swing, waffle ant: decide Vacillate
Melodious, pleasing to the ear Syn:harmonic melodic Ant: cacophonous; dissonant Dulcet
Not allowing refusal of delay, imperative Syn: authoritive, unconditional Ant: roundabout, passive, equivocal Peremptory
To claim for oneself with out any right or authority Syn: commandeer, seize Ant: relinquish, give Areagote
No longer current or applicable, antiquated Syn: obsolute, outmoded Ant: current modern Archaic
Keen; mentally sharp Syn: shrewed. CleverAnt: dull stupid Perspicacious
A magic charm or superstition , object for protection Talisman
To remove vulgar or objectionable material Syn: censor, bowderlize, sanitize Expurgate

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