Chapter 1

Term Definition
Genre Clear context for the reader close to author tone, bias and expected vocabulary type or source
Objective what you are expected to learn from the passage
Prior Knowledge What/how much you already know about the topic
Criteria Requirements
Annotation jotting down main point/definition in the margins. Making notwa of main points
Misconception lie, misunderstanding unaware error in judgement
Predictive Reading Guess what direction the author may be going as to
Close Reading Deeper understanding of the full text
Familiarize Getting a general sense of the idea in the chapter
Context How words are used in a text surrounding a word or passage influences its meanings
Syllabus a course "contract" that spells out requirements, schedule, etc. contract between student and instructor
Degree Evaluation audit of your courses and grades to make sure you successfully finished
Default Not paying loan in timely manner
developmental basic skills

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