Biology Ch.5 Sec.1-2

Question Answer
What are the five stages of the cell cycle? interphase, telophase, anaphase, metaphase, prophase.
What is a chromatid? a chromatid is one half of a duplicated chromosome.
What are the cell rates? they split into millions of cells and that is the process of mitosis.
What is a cell cycle? a cell cycle is the regular pattern of growth, DNA duplication, and cell division that occurs in eukaryotic cells.
What is mitosis? the division of the cell nucleus and it's contents.
What is cytokinesis? the process that divides the cell cytoplasm.
What is a chromosome? one long continuous thread of DNA that consists of numerous genes along with regulatory information.
True or False: Chromosomes condense at the start of mitosis True
What is a histone? a type of protein molecule.
What is a chromatin? the substance that composes eukaryotic chromosomes.
What is a centromere? the region that holds the two chromatids together.
What is prophase? when chromatin condenses, the nuclear envelope disappears.
What is metaphase? when spindle fibers align the chromosomes along the cell equator.
What is anaphase? chromatids separate and are pulled to opposite regions of the cell.
What is telophase? the nuclear membranes start to form.

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