Bible Test a bible test

Question Answer
Who wrote the Bible? God used prophets and told them what to write or they would write their story
Why was the Bible written? To tell the story of Christ's life and how God loves us.
What language is the Old Testament written in? Hebrew
What language is the New Testament written in? Greek
Why was the New Testament written in Greek? It was a common language and most people could read it.
What does it mean to translate? It means to transfer something from one language to another.
Books of the Law Creation through Moses death
Historical books The history of Israel from conquering of Canaan to the return from the exile
Major Prophets Long books containing prophecies
Minor Prophets Short Books containing prophecies
Gospels 4 books that tell about the life of Christ
Historical Book The history of the early church
Pauline Epistles Letters of encouragement that Paul wrote to churches
General Epistles Letters other apostles wrote to churches and believers
Apocalyptic Book Description of the final battle between God and satan
What is chronology Putting events in order according to the time when they happened
God's gift to Adam He would send a Savior
God's gift to Noah He will never flood the whole earth again
God's gift to Abram All the nations would be blessed through him
God's gift to David His descendants will be kings forever
God's gift to Isaac and Jacob They will have many descendants and lots of land. Their offspring will bless the earth
God's gift to the Israelites They will be God's treasured possessions if they are faithful to him
The silent period A time when no prophets spoke
The silence is shattered John came and prepared everyone's hearts for the coming of Jesus
The promise is fullfilled God sent his son. Jesus died on the cross for our sins
God's victory Jesus rose from the grave
Pentecost The Holy Spirit went into the disciples
God's plan for the church the disciples shared the news of Jesus to anyone who would listen
The final victory Jesus will come again as a powerful king
God's plan for me He wants us to share the good news of Jesus with everyone
Why is the Bible called God's story Because God put the idea of the Bible in the prophets head and he told them what to write.

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