A New World to explo

Question Answer
Who was Christopher Columbus? He discovered the New World.
Leif Ericson. The supposed first man to discover the New World.
Johann Gutenberg. He invented the printing press.
Marco Polo. Traveled across Asia to China.
Prince Henry the Navigator. A Portuguese prince who founded a navigation school and sent ships to explore Africa's western coast.
Martin Luther. Opposed the Catholic Church and nailed the Ninety-five Theses to the local church door.
Ferdinand and Isabella. Spanish monarchs to finally sponsor Columbus's voyage to America.
Amerigo Vespucci. He proved that there really was a new landmass.
Ponce de Leon Discovered Florida.
Vasco de Balboa Discovered the Pacific Ocean.
Ferdinand Magellan Unsuccessfully sailed around the world.
Hernando CortA©s Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztecs.
Montezuma The king of the Aztecs before CortA©s came to Mexico.
Francisco Pizarro Conquered the Incas.
Francisco Coronado Discovered the Grand Canyon.
Hernando de Soto Sailed the Mississippi River.
Juan Cabrillo Found the coast of California.
Philip II Catholic king of Spain during the Age of Exploration.
Elizabeth I Queen of England who defeated the Spanish Armada.
Sir Francis Drake Queen Elizabeth's privateer.
Jacques Cartier Discovered the St. Lawrence River.
Samuel de Champlain Founded Quebec City in Canada.
Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet Explored the central Mississippi River for France.
Robert Cavelier de la Salle Claimed much of North America for France.

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