6th Grade Ch. 3 Derivatives

Term Definition
causation (causa, ae- cause) the act or process of causing
curative (cura, ae- care) serving or tending to cure
curator (cura, ae- care) one in charge of a collection in a museum or library
injurious (iniuria, ae- injury; injustice) causing injury; harmful
supernatural (natura, ae- nature, birth) of or relating to existence outside of the natural world; divine power
stellar (stella, ae- star) of or consisting of stars; outstanding
interstellar (stella, ae- star) between the stars
constellation (stella, ae- star) a formation of stars
mode (modus, i- measure, mode) a method, way, or manner of doing or acting
numerable (numerus, i – number, measure) that can be counted
numerate (numerus, i- number, measure) to number
numerical (numerus, i- number, measure) of, represented by, or being a number
enumerate (numerus, i- number, measure) to list or number one by one
innumerable (numerus, i- number, measure) too numerous to be counted; incalculable)
error (errare- to wander) straying from what is correct; mistaken
erroneous (errare- to wander) incorrect or mistaken
err (errare- to wander) to make an error or mistake
errant roving in search of adventure; straying from moral standards
erratic (errare- to wander) lacing consistency; irregular
inerrant (errare- to wander) freedom from errors or untruths; infalliable
inerrancy (errare- to wander) freedom from errors or untruths; infalliable
spectacle (spectare- to look at) a remarkable or impressive sight
spectator (spectare- to look at) an observer of an event; someone who watches
spectacles (spectare- to look at) a pair of eyeglasses
inspect (spectare- to look at) to examine carefully
pare (parare- to prepare) to remove the outer covering or skin such as an apple
undulate (unda,ae- wave) to move in a wavelike motion or pattern
inundate (unda, ae- wave) to cover or overwhelm as in a flood

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