Question Answer
Capitalism An economical and political system. This is controlled by private owners rather than by the state.
Free Enterprise This would be an economical system where a private business operates. This is free of state control.
Communism This is a political theory from Karl Marx. This is advocating war and leading to a world were property is publicly owned.
Social Darwinism This is a theory stating that all groups, people, or individuals are subject to the same Darwinian laws.
Corporation A company or group of people authorized to act as a single person.
Trust The belief in reliability.
Monopoly This is to have control of the supply or trade in a community.
Vertical Integration This is the combination of one company of two or more stages of production.
Horizontal Integration This is when a company increasing production of goods or services.
Cornelius Vanderbilt He was an American business man and Philanthropist. He built his wealth in railroads and shipping.
George Pullman He was an American engineer and industrialist. He designed the
Horatio Alger Jr. He was a writer. He was known for young adult novels. He even wrote about the rise of a humble person to middle-class.
Andrew Carnegie He was also an business magnet and philanthropist. He led the original American steel industry.
John D. Rockefeller He was an american oil industry businessman . He was known for a while as the wealthiest man on earth.

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