wig vocabulary

Term Definition
oxygen a tasteless odorless gas that living things need to breath
alliance an agreement between nations to support and protect eachother
liberate to free an area or person
mobolize to assemble for action
suburb a residential are outside a large city
suffrage the right to vote
conservation Protection and careful use of natural resources
migrant person who moves place to place harvesting crops
monpolize A company that has control of an entire industry
region Large area that has common features that set it apart from other areas
tenant Person who pays rent to use land or buildings that belong to someone else
destruction Great damage or ruin.
dormant Temporarily quiet or not active
descended moved from a higher place to a lower one
inspect To examine closely and carefully
proceed continue; carry on
representative a person who is chosen to represent or stand for another or other
transferred moved from place to place
unhabited not lived in

Inside the earth

Term Definition
Crust The crust is 5 to 100 km thick.
Mantle The mantle is much thicker than the crust and contains most of the earths mass.
The core. Scientists think that the earths core is made mostly of iron and contains smaller amounts of nickel but almost no oxygen silicon and aluminum or magnesium.

chapter 4

Term Definition
chart of accounts a list of all accounts used by a business
credit an agreement to pay for a purchase at a later time, an entry on the right side of an account
debit an entry on the left side of an account
double entry accounting a system that recognizes the different sides of business transactions as debits and credits
ledger a group of accounts, also referred to as a general ledger
normal balance the increase side of an account, the word normal here means usual
t account a visual representation of a ledger account. the t account is a tool used to analyze transactions

WIG Vocabulary

Term Definition
Oxygen A tasteless, odorless gas that living things need to breathe.
Inspect To examine closely and carefully.
Proceed Continued
Dormant Temporarily quiet or not active.
Tenant Person who pays rent to use land or buildings that belong to someone else.
Region Large area that has common features that set it apart from other areas.
Migrant Person who moves from place to place harvesting crops.
Concervation Protection and careful use of natural resources.
Concerted To plan or arrange together.
Suffrage The right or privilege of voting.

Bio vocab bio root vocab

Word Definition
antibiotic a drug that is used to kill harmful bacteria and to cure infections
biodegradable capable of being slowly destroyed and broken down into very small parts by natural processes
biography the story of a real person's life written by another person
biohazard a biological or chemical substance or situation that is dangerous to human beings and the environment
biology a science that deals with things that are alive, such as plants and animals
bio- a root that means life

Southern Colonies

Question Answer
the first English colony in North America Virginia
a large piece of land for growing cash crops plantation
led Virginia colonists to revolt against and reform government Nathaniel Bacon
governor of Georgia who believed in justice and equality James Oglethorpe
allowed religious freedom in Maryland Act of Religious Toleration
a colony owned by stockholders as an investment corporate colony
an elaborate home owned by the wealthy mansion
a Roman Catholic who wanted a colony where Catholics could worship freely Cecilius Calvert (Lord Baltimore)
a colony owned by an individual or group of individuals proprietary colony
a plant grown to be sold for profit cash crop
The first English settlers at Jamestown hoped to grow rich by finding gold
One difference between Native Americans’ and English Colonists’ ideas about land and property was Before the European settlers came, the Native Americans did not buy or sell land
Which best explains why plantations prospered in South Carolina Native Americans taught the settlers successful agricultural practices
Which was the main source of conflict between English settlers and Native American tribes in the Southern Colonies Ownership of farmland
Which crop would a Southern plantation most likely have grown rice
Why was slavery more common in the Southern Colonies than other regions of North America The climate made it possible to grow valuable but labor-intensive crops
What was the first permanent English settlement in North America in 1607 Jamestown
What are the five (5) Southern Colonies Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
The leaders of Virginia decided that the only people who could vote for members of the House of Burgesses were Male landowners
When the colonists began to farm tobacco, they wanted more land for this cash crop. They began to take control from the Powhatan Confederation. This sparked the Powhatan War

Vocabs 2

Question Answer
Nowhere Nirgendwo
Buisiness Geschaft/Firma
Van Transporter/lueferwagen
Install Instalieren
CCTV camera Uberwachungskamera
It suck Es nervt
Church Kirche
Pub Kneipe/lokal
Or something Oder so was
Sound Klingen
Keep me posted Halt mich auf laufendem
What a pain So ein mist
Lead Leine
Gate Tor
Taje it easy Bleib mal locker
Chase Etwas jagen
Track Pfad/weg
Hero/heroes Held/in
Save Retten
Get out Herauskommen
Ring Anrufen
Brave Mutig
Deep Tief
Drown Ertrinken
Heavy Schwer
Daughter Tochter
Son Sohn
React Reagieren
Recently Vir kurzem
Clear Deutlich
Countryside Landschaft
Anything Irgendetwas

Week 1 Drugs(yellow)

Question Answer
Betoptic Betaxolol
Betagan Levobunolol
Timoptic Timolol
Diamox,Apo- Acetazolamide Acetazolamide
Azopt Brinzolamide
Trusopt Dorzolamide
Lumigan Bimatoprost
Xalatan Latanoprost
Travatan Travoprost
Isopropyl Carbachol Carbachol
Isopropyl Carpine Pilocarpine
Alphagan Brimonidine
Xalacom Lantanoprost/timolol
DuoTrav Travoprost/timolol
Epi-Pen, Twinject Auto-Injector Epinephrine
Imuran Azathioprine
Neoral, Sandimmune IV Cyclosporine
Procytox Cyclophosphamide
Remicade Infliximab
Rheumatrex Methotrexate
Cellcept, Myfortic Mycophenolate
Prograf,Protopic Tacrolimus

rise of big business

Question Answer
Capitalism i its where private business run most industries and competition determines how much goods cost and workers are paid.
Free Enterprise beliefe that the econamy
Communism it is a theory that individual ownership of property should not be allowed.
Social Darwinism it was the idea of Charles Darwin's biological theory of natural selection and evolution.
Corporation organizers raise money by selling shares of stock or certificates of ownership in the company.
Trust a group of companies turn control of there stock over to a board of trustees.
Monopoly a company with a monopoly had almost complete control over the pries or quality of the product.
Vertical Integration ownership of businesses involved in each step of the manufacturing process
Horizontal Integration ownership of several companies that make the same product
Cornelius Vanderbilt became one of the wealthiest Americans of the 19th century. As a boy, he worked with his father, who operated a boat that ferried cargo between Staten Island, New York, where they lived, and Manhattan.
George Pullman he designed and manufactured railroad cars
Horatio Alder Jr. he had published a popular series of that reflected the increasing importance placed on individualism.
Andrew Carnegie giving advise to a group of young men, Steele baron Andrew Carnegie urged them to invest in stocks as he had.
John D. Rockefeller one founder of the standard oil company.

Abbrevs (yellow)1-2

Question Answer
ACE angiotensin converting enzyme
ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone
ADH antidiuretic hormone
AHA American Heart Association
AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
ANC absolute neutrophils count
ASA acetylsalicylic acid
AV antrioventricular
b.i.d/ BID Twice daily
BMI body mass index
BMR basal metabolic rate
BP blood pressure
BSA body surface area
BUN blood urea nitrogen
°C degrees Celcius
C (in a diamond) controlled drug